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More Blackwork

I’ve been doing some small blackwork motifs as well, with the idea of mounting them on crazy quilt blocks as well. Here are some of those pieces.

I haven’t yet decided exactly how I’ll mount these and the other small motifs on the crazy quilt blocks, but when I do, there will, of course, be pictures. I’m also thinking about doing another large blackwork piece, but I haven’t decided yet what form that will take.


Crazy Blackwork

I decided to add the blackwork heart to my crazy quilt project. I sewed four of my crazy quilt blocks together, and mounted the heart in the middle. Then I embellished some of the surrounding seams. I haven’t decided yet whether I will do more embellishing on this block set.

Blackwork Closeups

Here are closeup images of the sections of the blackwork heart sampler.


I’ve also been very into blackwork lately, and made a heart-shaped sampler of different fill stitches.

This is what the whole heart looks like.